Herskind Consult offers guidance and advice to company directors and management in order to secure:

* Business development

* Development of overall strategies and plans

* Company structures

* Competency assessment

* Motivation and company culture

* Crises and change management


Herskind Consult actively works with marketing and sales assisting domestic as well as foreign companies in:

* Assessment of markets and segments

* Development of marketing and sales strategies

* Value-based, consultative selling

* Sales optimization and efficiency

* Building and maintaining agent/distributor networks

* Establishing OEM and strategic partnerships


Herskind Consult contributes to  defining company strategy and business development through:

* Formulation and implementation of strategies

* Development of business models

* Specifying concepts and product ideas

* Assessment of markets and segments

* Identification of growth opportunities

* Preparation of business plans


Herskind Consult participates as member of the Board of Directors or Advisory Board to contribute in governing the business through:

* Formulating vision, mission and values

* Establishing company policies

* Setting out strategic objectives

* Capital investment and financing

* Risk assessment

* Preparing the business for succession

About Palle Herskind

Palle Herskind has 25+ years of management experience from Danish companies that develop and manufacture high-tech products within hardware, software and integrated system solutions as well as provide services for sale on the international market.

He has extensive business insight and a thorough understanding of the development and operation of companies with a particular focus on corporate management, business strategy and development, marketing, and sales.


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